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One-hour to Oscar…and live blogging and final musings

Yep. It’s that time again this year. And yes, like other award shows, I will be live blogging the whole thing. I’ve been lucky enough to see every nominated film and while I think we are probably going see Argo take home … Continue reading

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Zombie acting tips with Rob Corddry

First off, thanks to Roger Ebert who shared this link. Second, I cannot recommend the film Warm Bodies enough. I actually got a chance to see it at a sneak preview back in December and I liked the film so … Continue reading

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Official 2013 Oscar poster

Ok. So I’m not exactly sure why we need this or why I feel it is something I should share, but it is Oscar related so I feel obliged. Plus, Vulture posted this so it’s a given that it’s important. I feel … Continue reading

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Gary Busey talks the Hobbit. It’s as insane as you would want.

i09 has linked to what is the craziest speech since Jodie Foster spoke last night. I jest, I jest. But really, this is…I have no words. I’ve watched this twice and still can’t figure out what he’s talking about. Necklaces … Continue reading

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Should we be worried about Seth Macfarlane hosting the Oscars?

The answer to that is a resounding…maybe? And that maybe is dependent on a few of things. 1. Do you like Family Guy and American Dad? (I’m not including The Cleveland Show because, let’s face, it is the clear dud … Continue reading

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Your 2013 Oscar Ballot

As always, why create anew when you can just borrow? The NYT has already created an Oscar ballot that you can complete online and then print, or just print out and complete using a writing implement. Of course most of … Continue reading

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Reminder…Oscar noms announced tomorrow. My random guesses.

While I would love to think that everyone lives and dies by the Oscars, as I do, I would never assume. So this is my public service announcement: The Oscar nominations will be announced tomorrow, Thursday, January 10 at 8:30am … Continue reading

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