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What is it with death and AMC shows these days?

And no, I don’t mean the fact that every few days another famous person seems to be shuffling off this mortal coil. Thinking about some of the biggest dramas on TV right now, it strikes me that all of them … Continue reading

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A Year in Movies – Looking Back at 2012 pt 1

It’s 2013 today, so I can now officially look back at the past 365 days. I saw a lot of movies. How many you might ask? Well, it depends on how you decide to count. In January 2012 I decided … Continue reading

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Ok…So Let’s Live Blog the Emmys

I did it for the Oscars, and considering I watch A LOT more TV… I thought “Hey, let’s live blog the Emmys.” I’m thinking I’ll be a lot more pissed off about the results this year — Modern Family, I’m … Continue reading

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Breaking Bad – The new Mentos Commercial

For those of you who are too young to remember the amazing Mentos commercials from the 90’s…     And probably my favorite…   NO WAY that guy is going to a job interview with what is CLEARLY wet paint … Continue reading

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AMC Cancels The Killing

Is anyone really surprised by this? Entertainment Weekly has posted that AMC has announced that they will not be renewing The Killing for a third season. Based on the popular Swedish show of the same name, the show started off … Continue reading

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Need to get through the first 4 seasons of Breaking Bad before tonight’s season 5 premiere?

Slate put together this great 10 minute summary of all four seasons. And yes. Spoilers. A lot of them.

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Breaking Bad Returns on Sunday. Blue Ice For All.

I was late to Breaking Bad. I’d heard how awesome it was from everyone, how brilliant Bryan Cranston was, how dark and messed and wonderful the show was. But for some reason, I never saw the first season and never … Continue reading

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