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A Year in Movies – Looking Back at 2012 pt 2

101 movies is a lot to go through, so I’m breaking my list up into two parts. For a formal introduction to this list and for movies 1-50, please click here. Now for movies 51-101… 51. The Amazing Spiderman (AMC) … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Dark Knight Rises Masks!

Ah, Vulture. Where would pop culture paraphernalia be with you? You’ve given us Downton Abbey paper dolls, Girls paper dolls, even Breaking Bad face cards (of course Walter is the King). And now, this: Origotham.  Genius. I’m partial to the Bane mask … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Aurora Shooting

Like so many other people who woke up to the horrible news about the shooting in Aurora, CO Friday morning, I have been trying to put my thoughts together. I don’t pretend to have any deep insights here, but want … Continue reading

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How To Prepare For The Dark Knight Rises, part I

Super excited for The Dark Knight Rises next Friday? Do you have your tickets for the already sold-out midnight showings on IMAX? Have you studied each and every frame of every trailer, film clip, and photo that has been released? … Continue reading

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The Dark Knight Rises Poster to Haunt Your Dreams

So…..that scares the crap out of me. And I get to see it in IMAX, huzzah! (Took me a couple of glances before I saw the shadow bat)

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New Trailer: The Dark Knight Rises

I wonder if it was always this way – multiple trailers for a film to hype it up. Didn’t we used to just get a teaser if we were lucky and then one trailer? Of course with a movie like The … Continue reading

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The Dark Dean Rises – Community’s Dark Knight Rises Trailer

First: Please watch Community when it comes back on March 15 at 8 pm (check your local TV listings for your NBC affiliate station).  Pretty please? It’s ever so good and funny, I promise.  It even has an Oscar winner in the … Continue reading

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