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Hulu+ Joins Apple TV. I Hold Back Tears of Joy.

Entertainment Weekly has just reported that Apple TV hold out, Hulu+, will now be available on said Apple TV. Though, really, it was Apple TV that was the hold out… Sure, I can watch Hulu+ on my computer, but this … Continue reading

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Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog Coming to TV

I have a hard time believing that at this point anyone who would be interested in Joss Whedon’s brilliant Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog hasn’t seen it. It’s been everywhere – on Hulu, YouTube, Netflix… And Whedon’s fans are pretty … Continue reading

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Television Critics Association Awards Pretty Dead On

With the Emmy nods out, we get the other major TV awards – those handed out by the Television Critics Association. Much like the Emmys, the TCA awards were mostly given to shows NOT on network TV. And it’s not … Continue reading

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AMC Cancels The Killing

Is anyone really surprised by this? Entertainment Weekly has posted that AMC has announced that they will not be renewing The Killing for a third season. Based on the popular Swedish show of the same name, the show started off … Continue reading

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Huh. New Top Chef:Masters Tonight. Who Knew?

Yet again I find myself surprised that a show has returned to the air. I’ve been so busy with the rumors about the new season of Top Chef possibly being taped in Seattle, that the return of Top Chef‘s redheaded stepchild … Continue reading

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10 Frequently Used Simpsons Quotes

As evidenced by the fact that my very first post on this blog was about The Simpsons, I clearly love that show. True, the love has waned in recent years, recent being the past decade, but I can’t deny the … Continue reading

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Adorable Map of Westeros

Seriously, this thing is just so cute. It makes the Game of Thrones books look like some children’s story. This is the sort of map you’d expect to see of Narnia or Happy Sleepytime Kingdom. However, we all know that … Continue reading

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Despicable Me Minions To Get Own Film

Sure, I love animated films, but I’m always wary of anything that looks too cutesy. When I saw the original trailer for Despicable Me I was intrigued but mildly cautious. Of course there was no need for caution as Despicable Me was surprisingly … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Dark Knight Rises Masks!

Ah, Vulture. Where would pop culture paraphernalia be with you? You’ve given us Downton Abbey paper dolls, Girls paper dolls, even Breaking Bad face cards (of course Walter is the King). And now, this: Origotham.  Genius. I’m partial to the Bane mask … Continue reading

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SNL Classic: Middle-Aged Man

Yet another Mike Myers classic. There’s just something wonderful about the opening sequence, with the old man shoes, the shuffle/run down the street, the hunch, and the slowing down to catch his breath. Without saying a word in that opening, … Continue reading

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