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Ok…So Let’s Live Blog the Emmys

I did it for the Oscars, and considering I watch A LOT more TV… I thought “Hey, let’s live blog the Emmys.” I’m thinking I’ll be a lot more pissed off about the results this year — Modern Family, I’m … Continue reading

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Premium Rush – Much better than it had any right to be

OK, so first things first. Work, real life, and more work have occupied me for the past few weeks, leaving me precious little time to watch things let alone write about them. But have no fear…just in time for the … Continue reading

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New Trailer Alert: Hansel and Gretel, Witch Hunters

I am very very ambivalent about this one. As much as I like the idea of a Hansel and Gretel growing up to be witch killers, which makes absolutely sense considering their childhood trauma, and as much as I adore … Continue reading

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Pitch Perfect – Aca-mazing

I apologize for the puns. I had to and when you see the movie you’ll know why. Pitch Perfect is what Glee would be if it wasn’t trying ever so hard to be Glee. Great music mash-ups, funny characters who … Continue reading

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