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Gary Busey talks the Hobbit. It’s as insane as you would want.

i09 has linked to what is the craziest speech since Jodie Foster spoke last night. I jest, I jest. But really, this is…I have no words. I’ve watched this twice and still can’t figure out what he’s talking about. Necklaces … Continue reading

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Minimalist Game of Thrones Posters

Vulture is a great resource for random stuff all around the interwebs. Today’s offering is the link to a Etsy shop for minimalist movie posters.  They do some very cool Star Wars and superhero posters: as well a whole series … Continue reading

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Game of Thrones Returns – And Who is Going to Watch?

(Because it’s never not time to watch this) The countdown has been going on for months. HBO has been feeding the frenzy, releasing teaser after trailer after photo after interview.  The books have been on the best seller list for … Continue reading

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