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New Trailer: Prometheus (version 100)

It’s another day and that means time for another Prometheus trailer. This one shows a lot more than any of the others, so anyone who wants to know nothing about the film before seeing it, you’ve been warned. So Charlize … Continue reading

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Young Nathan Fillion or Cpt Hammer Wears Tight Shorts

So yesterday, Nathan Fillion aka Captain Hammer aka Richard Castle aka Mal, tweeted the following: Lucky for us, someone found said photo: This is so dated it kills me – from the jean shorts to the roller blades with the … Continue reading

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Game of Thrones: Stannis is no ham

I have found it interesting, if not educational, to rewatch each week’s Game of Thrones episode on HBOGo with the interactive features.  The commentary of the crew is particularly insightful, from how the gates and costumes of Qarth were created … Continue reading

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Movies and texting. No. Just No.

A week ago I went to see Cabin in the Woods. Great film. Funny as hell. If not scary, then definitely suspenseful at just the right moments. Unfortunately, quite a few people in the theater didn’t listen to the Lorax who in … Continue reading

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Fringe Gets 5th Season. Observers Nod Silently.

As much as everyone talks about Lost changing TV, I think Fringe has been just as instrumental…even if the effects haven’t been as wide-reaching…yet. Fringe created not one, not two, not three, but FOUR universes (for those who are wondering: … Continue reading

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Bob’s Burgers Celebrates Fox’s 25th Anniversary

I didn’t watch this past weekend’s very special celebration of the Fox Network’s 25th anniversary.  Apparently the Simpsons insulted Fox News and then the special showed a lot of clips from other Fox shows, like Married with Children and the … Continue reading

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Prometheus Featurette – Now with more talking heads!

The marketing campaign for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus is staggeringly smart – fake Ted talks with Guy Pearce’s character Peter Weyland, fake commercials introducing the new android David (aka the always glorious Michael Fassbender)…and constant featurettes. It reminds me of the barrage … Continue reading

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Minimalist Game of Thrones Posters

Vulture is a great resource for random stuff all around the interwebs. Today’s offering is the link to a Etsy shop for minimalist movie posters.  They do some very cool Star Wars and superhero posters: as well a whole series … Continue reading

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New Trailer: Pixar’s Brave (now with more plot!)

Oh Pixar, how I love you. At least when I pretend that you never made Cars and Cars 2 – the search for more merchandising. (And yes, I know that is a cheap Spaceballs rip off, thank you very much) … Continue reading

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Best Game of Thrones Interview Ever

For those who saw this past Sunday night’s episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones, you know it opened on what can only be called… a fart joke. Of course said fart joke was followed by some pretty strong direwolf flavored … Continue reading

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