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A Year in Movies – Looking Back at 2012 pt 1

It’s 2013 today, so I can now officially look back at the past 365 days. I saw a lot of movies. How many you might ask? Well, it depends on how you decide to count. In January 2012 I decided … Continue reading

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Ask a Grown Man: Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm continues his streak in being perfect. Just goddamned perfect. How does he do it? Not only is he devastatingly handsome, but by gum the man is smart and funny too. It’s like the perfect storm of awesomeness in a man … Continue reading

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SNL: Sofia Vergara brings some funny

After a few weeks off SNL returned with Sofia Vergara as host and boy band One Direction as musical guest.  Overall, Vergara was pretty good.  She did a good job with the material they gave her and was very open … Continue reading

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Game of Thrones: Featurette

9 days to go …. So imagine it’s the end of the weekend, you’ve seen the Hunger Games, you’ve watched the first new episode of Mad Men and you need one more fix before you go to bed. What do … Continue reading

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See Carl from The Walking Dead Ruin Everything

After last night’s INSANE Walking Dead finale that almost made up for the first half of the season (Where’s Sophia?!), I think we can all agree, Carl is a pain in the ass. Not only is he the most unsupervised … Continue reading

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A Hunger Game Cookbook or Clearly Someone Has a Sense of Irony

With only four days to go until The Hunger Games movie comes out, today I read about the release of a Hunger Games cookbook. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised.  Since this movie release is primed to be the … Continue reading

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