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2012 Year-End Roundup – Some Top 5 Lists

Borrowing the idea from Nerdist, rather than just do a list of the best movies and TV shows of the year, I’m going to some more random lists. Makes it more interesting for all involved. Top 5 TV Shows That … Continue reading

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Tenacious D’s New Song, New Video

Gosh The D rocks so hard. After one kick ass season on HBO named Tenacious D, a platinum selling album named Tenacious D, and one failure of a movie called “The Pick of Destiny” (shoulda stuck with what worked, guys), … Continue reading

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What Do You Watch? Part I

Clearly, I am someone who loves my television. And I watch a lot of it. A LOT.  So frequently, I am asked “So, what do you watch?” Oddly I always find that a loaded question. There are the shows that … Continue reading

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Alan Cumming is a God

The first time I really remember noticing Alan Cumming was in 1995’s A Circle of Friends, when he played the slimy git trying to get in the sack with Minnie Driver’s Benny.  This was followed the next year by his … Continue reading

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Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Astronomy for the Pop Culture Minded

I have previously discussed my admiration for Neil DeGrasse Tyson.  He’s just super.  Recently, I have discovered another reason he is super, however – Startalk Radio, his astronomy themed podcast. The world is being glutted with podcasts these days – … Continue reading

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I’m gonna sing the doom song now!

Every so often a TV show comes around that changes everything. It allows you to see the world with fresh eyes. Candy seems sweeter, colors seem brighter, couches seem more comfortable. Invader Zim is one of those shows. It’s nothing like Breaking … Continue reading

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