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David Brent from The Office is back!

Brent is back, baby! First the teaser… And now, the main course, complete with terribly uncomfortable song: Granted this is just for Comic Relief on March 15 (aka Red Nose Day), but it’s good have him back in our live … Continue reading

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It’s Time for Oscar, Oscar, Oscar – 2013!

Will Seth Macfarlane slip into Stewie when he gets nervous? Will we get another awkward In Memoriam where people clap BEFORE the end? Will we get an real upset with any of the “given” awards (looking at you Hathaway)? Find out here … Continue reading

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One-hour to Oscar…and live blogging and final musings

Yep. It’s that time again this year. And yes, like other award shows, I will be live blogging the whole thing. I’ve been lucky enough to see every nominated film and while I think we are probably going see Argo take home … Continue reading

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SNL Classics: Jimmy Tango’s Fat Busters (aka Ride the Snake)

I remember everyone being so surprised when Jim Carrey’s SNL hosted in 1996. Considering his years on In Living Color, his ability to perform even the most odd and bizarre of sketches, should not have surprised anyone. Plus I find … Continue reading

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So….about that Superbowl commercial

Not that one, or that one This one: Apparently this cost the Church of Scientology 8 million dollars. That’s right — 8. Million. Dollars. And it said absolutely nothing. And anything it DID say, well, it seems to be counter-intuitive … Continue reading

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