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Official 2013 Oscar poster

Ok. So I’m not exactly sure why we need this or why I feel it is something I should share, but it is Oscar related so I feel obliged. Plus, Vulture posted this so it’s a given that it’s important. I feel … Continue reading

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Jodie Foster’s entire Golden Globes speech

You know you want it. Plus this has the added Tina and Amy response to Lena Dunham winning Best Lead Actress in a TV comedy and RDJ’s wonderfully self-serving introduction. Seriously though, did she just go totally off the rails … Continue reading

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Golden Globes – Oscar’s younger, drunker brother

30 minutes till I begin live blogging the Golden Globes with my role models of Amy Poehler and Tina Fey…I would like the thank the Hollywood Foreign Press in advance for the carpal tunnels I will be feeling tomorrow. More … Continue reading

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Reminder…Oscar noms announced tomorrow. My random guesses.

While I would love to think that everyone lives and dies by the Oscars, as I do, I would never assume. So this is my public service announcement: The Oscar nominations will be announced tomorrow, Thursday, January 10 at 8:30am … Continue reading

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A Year in Movies – Looking Back at 2012 pt 2

101 movies is a lot to go through, so I’m breaking my list up into two parts. For a formal introduction to this list and for movies 1-50, please click here. Now for movies 51-101… 51. The Amazing Spiderman (AMC) … Continue reading

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Golden Globe Noms Are In…

Yeah. I know. I haven’t written in ages…sorry. But we’re headed into “End of Year” territory, so I’m hoping to go back on the wagon. In the news today, the Golden Globe nominations were announced and now we just wait … Continue reading

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Tina Fey & Amy Poehler will host Golden Globes

Apparently the Hollywood Foreign Press realized that they didn’t have to bring back Ricky Gervais. But seriously, this is great.   EW reports that Fey and Poehler will co-host the 70th Golden Globes that will air on January 13 on NBC. The … Continue reading

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