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How I Met Your Mother will end next year

I’m so glad CBS listened when the entire internet begged it to let How I Met Your Mother go off into the sunset, its honor and integrity still mostly intact. It was announced today that CBS has renewed HIMYM for … Continue reading

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SNL Classics: Cooking with the Anal Retentive Chef

There were several of these, possibly the most memorable being the time the Anal Retentive Chef cooked with the Creole chef played by John Goodman. But there is something about the low-level insanity of this Anal Retentive Chef sketch that … Continue reading

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Best of 30 Rock’s Dr. Spaceman

I am refusing the believe that 30 Rock is actually going to be ending this Thursday night. Without Liz, Jack, Kenneth, Tracy, and the rest of the TGS gang (note: Hazel Whatshername is NOT on this list), I don’t know … Continue reading

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Greatest Jon Hamm photo ever

At least according to Vulture… Tony Danza wishes he were as cool as little Jonny Hamm! It is the sexy + funny that really makes Jon Hamm special. The one without the other just wouldn’t cut it. I mean, how … Continue reading

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How The Office surprised me this week

As The Office limps towards the finish line of its ninth and finale season, something odd happened this week. It managed to surprise me. Ever since Pam and Jim got married and settled into married bliss, they’ve been boring. Sure … Continue reading

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All you need to know about Adam Levine’s SNL episode

Adam Levine admitted it himself — this is him overreaching and trying acting. But there was some funny last night. Not much, but some… First off, Adam’s monolog. Sure the Voice spoof was a given, but it was cute – … Continue reading

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Girls Season 2 – Where are they going?

The finale of the first season of Lena Dunham’s Girls on HBO ended with possibility: – Jessa has a surprise wedding – Marnie, trying to show she’s over Charlie, hooks up with Drunk Uncle – Shoshana loses her virginity to … Continue reading

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