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Trailer for Fringe series finale

Fringe, the little science fiction show on FOX that could, ends its 5-year run on Friday. I always thought of this show as science fiction with a heart. While there were alternate universes, time travel, mutants, monsters…the core of the … Continue reading

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Moonshine River or the Simpsons forgets its past (updated)

SIGH. SIIIIIIIIIGH. I know I swore I’d stop watching this. I’m not even hate watching it like I do with Glee. I watch every new episode, knowing how terrible it will be, but in the depths of my despair,  I … Continue reading

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Fringe Gets 5th Season. Observers Nod Silently.

As much as everyone talks about Lost changing TV, I think Fringe has been just as instrumental…even if the effects haven’t been as wide-reaching…yet. Fringe created not one, not two, not three, but FOUR universes (for those who are wondering: … Continue reading

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What Do You Watch? Part II

Recently, I started a sort of confessional, telling all who care to read it the long list of television shows that I watch with any regularity. Sunday was a doozy.  In fact, the New York Times agrees with me: Right … Continue reading

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Bob’s Burgers or Fish Rocket Burger

Second episode of the second season of Bob’s Burgers and it’s still awesome. Before we get into Bob Day Afternoon, Eugene Mirman (Gene) shared this great interview with some of the cast members of the show.  The chemistry I talk … Continue reading

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A Hot Boy Who Dances His Feelings

Thank you The Masked Man for creating this amazing gif from the end credits of this past weekend’s episode of Bob’s Burgers. Jimmy Jr. sure does love to dance with himself.  Yes. With.

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The Belchies R Good Enuf – Bob’s Burgers Returns!

I am truly ashamed to admit…it took me to the end of the episode to get the title.  The Belchies. I thought it was like an award, like the Emmys or Tonys. No. It’s a riff on the GOONIES.  Sometimes I’m … Continue reading

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Bob’s Burgers, One Day to Season 2

I have been trying to make my case the amazing Bob’s Burgers should be watched by everyone with a sense of humor.  Yesterday, NY Mag’s blog Vulture clearly agrees and does it again with this great chat with the three … Continue reading

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Countdown for Bob’s Burgers…

YES! It is only 4+ days away from the season 2 premiere of Bob’s Burgers (Sunday night, Fox, 8:30 pm, Be there). In preparation, we should be pulling down the pants of the night and then following Tina’s Pintrest page. Needless … Continue reading

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