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Greatest Jon Hamm photo ever

At least according to Vulture… Tony Danza wishes he were as cool as little Jonny Hamm! It is the sexy + funny that really makes Jon Hamm special. The one without the other just wouldn’t cut it. I mean, how … Continue reading

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SNL Classics: The Closet Organizer

So while this isn’t really a clip from the vaults of SNL since it aired two years ago, I frequently quote bits from this sketch. Everything – EVERYTHING – about this sketch is a study of the absurd. Let’s start … Continue reading

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Jon Hamm on Bob’s Burgers. Be still my beating heart. (updated)

EW has the skinny on Jon Hamm’s role in this upcoming season of Bob’s Burgers: a talking toilet. The show’s creator Loren Bouchard told EW: “It’s a kind of E.T. homage, but instead of an alien, it’s this high-end talking electronic toilet that … Continue reading

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Jon Hamm and Lena Dunham Shill for the New York iPad App

I love Jon Hamm. I love Lena Dunham. I love the New Yorker. Ergo — I love this video. If only I had an iPad though…

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Ask a Grown Man: Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm continues his streak in being perfect. Just goddamned perfect. How does he do it? Not only is he devastatingly handsome, but by gum the man is smart and funny too. It’s like the perfect storm of awesomeness in a man … Continue reading

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Jon Hamm Bowls with the Nerdist, Looks Perfect

Although he started off working alongside Jenny McCarthy on MTV’s Singled Out, Chris Hardwick has done rather well for himself lately. His media empire, starting with his The Nerdist podcast, has grown over the past couple of years. Along with … Continue reading

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What Do You Watch? Part I

Clearly, I am someone who loves my television. And I watch a lot of it. A LOT.  So frequently, I am asked “So, what do you watch?” Oddly I always find that a loaded question. There are the shows that … Continue reading

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Ready for Mad Men? Here’s a handy list to get you up to speed

Capping off a weekend of watching kids kill each other for the entertainment of the masses – yes, you should be reading into that – the best way to end this March weekend is by watching the 2 hour season … Continue reading

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Friends with Kids, A Rom-Com for 2012

Whenever the movie Kissing Jessica Stein is on cable, I’ll watch it.  It can be in the middle, towards the end, or even at the beginning.  I will watch it. And I will watch it gladly. Of course the trailer below … Continue reading

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So…Lindsay Lohan on SNL….

They meant well, I’m sure they did. I bet that Lorne Michaels only wanted to help Lindsay by inviting her to host this past Saturday Night Live. And the whole cast was probably behind her, cheering her on.  Even Jimmy … Continue reading

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