All you need to know about Adam Levine’s SNL episode

Adam Levine admitted it himself — this is him overreaching and trying acting.

But there was some funny last night. Not much, but some…

First off, Adam’s monolog. Sure the Voice spoof was a given, but it was cute – it’s always great to see Andy Samberg back on SNL and it was a bit of a surprise to see Cameron Diaz and Jerry Seinfeld – and at least the writers gave us what we (and Samberg and his lotion) were all waiting for:

Isn’t this the real reason we were all watching?

The next sketch that actually made me laugh out loud was the Sopranos Diaries promo from the CW, the same network that is trying to make us think that The Carrie Diaries is a good idea.

Bobby Moynihan has been on a roll lately and does a dang fine Tony Soprano. Kate McKinnon’s Carmela is a thing of beauty.

And, of course, with Samberg showing up in the monolog it only makes sense that we would get a Lonely Island digital short. This one describes pretty much what I think YOLO really should encompass.

That shot of them without teeth is fairly disgusting. But I did enjoy seeing Adam Levine in crazy homeless man get-up, tin foil hat and all, along the side of the road with his YOLO sign.

The other sketches were mostly forgettable. I am happy to watch Bill Hader scream in falsetto, but the entire sketch itself just didn’t stick. The soft rock rumble between Maroon 5, Train, Jason Mraz, and John Mayer (who IS certifiably insane) never became strange enough to work. I didn’t care for the “MTV Catfish” bit or the Adam and Janet sketch which really just went no where once it became clear that Adam Levine wasn’t really going to take off his pants.

Lately the last sketch or two of the evening has been fertile ground for the writing staff, letting their freak flags fly once there’s only ten minutes or so left in the episode. This week we got yet another chance to love Jason Sudekis’s Joe Biden in “Biden Bash” – a bash you know you’d buy tickets for if it only existed.

I’m going to miss this when Sudekis finally departs.

So overall not godawful, but mostly unmemorable.

Oh and since I didn’t comment on last week’s JLaw hosted episode (mostly because it just made me sad) here is my favorite bit from the episode:

It was Jennifer Lawrence’s shouted “No we’re NOT!” that sold it. Though we didn’t need that whole “Hobbitz in the Hood” or “Grumpy Old Hobbits” shtick. The real concept was entertaining enough.

The less said about Top Dog Chef, the better.

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