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Best of 30 Rock’s Dr. Spaceman

I am refusing the believe that 30 Rock is actually going to be ending this Thursday night. Without Liz, Jack, Kenneth, Tracy, and the rest of the TGS gang (note: Hazel Whatshername is NOT on this list), I don’t know … Continue reading

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How The Office surprised me this week

As The Office limps towards the finish line of its ninth and finale season, something odd happened this week. It managed to surprise me. Ever since Pam and Jim got married and settled into married bliss, they’ve been boring. Sure … Continue reading

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SNL Classics: Cowboy Song Part 2

The Kyle Maclachlan SNL episode from 1990 is really the gift that keeps on giving. I previously posted “All Things Scottish” and now for the sketch that I can’t remember anyone else ever referring to – outside of my own … Continue reading

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NBC put The Office out of its misery

I should say The Office…and the audience. We all know that The Office should have ended when Michael Scott left, and it seems NBC has finally figured that out themselves. This season, season 9, will be the final season of … Continue reading

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SNL: Sofia Vergara brings some funny

After a few weeks off SNL returned with Sofia Vergara as host and boy band One Direction as musical guest.  Overall, Vergara was pretty good.  She did a good job with the material they gave her and was very open … Continue reading

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Eddie Izzard: Genius Comic and Grandpa Munster?

The interwebs was a buzz this week with the news that comedian and executive transvestite extraordinaire Eddie Izzard was going to be playing Grandpa Munster in a reboot of the Munsters on NBC. For those of you who need a reminder … Continue reading

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Weird Al’s 30 Rock Theme (updated with lyrics)

Last night’s 2 30 Rock episodes were pretty good. Not Leap Day Williams good, but ok. However, there was something last night’s second episode had that Leap Day Williams didn’t — the dulcet tones of one Weird Al Yankovic. I … Continue reading

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Community Returns Well – Six Seasons and a Movie

After too many months away, Community returned to our TV’s last night.  And surprise surprise…the ratings weren’t awful.  In fact, it was the number 1 show for men 18-34 for the evening! Where were the women…? According to The Wrap: … Continue reading

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The Dark Dean Rises – Community’s Dark Knight Rises Trailer

First: Please watch Community when it comes back on March 15 at 8 pm (check your local TV listings for your NBC affiliate station).  Pretty please? It’s ever so good and funny, I promise.  It even has an Oscar winner in the … Continue reading

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