NBC put The Office out of its misery

I should say The Office…and the audience.

We all know that The Office should have ended when Michael Scott left, and it seems NBC has finally figured that out themselves.

This season, season 9, will be the final season of a show that has been barely treading water for the last couple of years. And remember, the British version on which this show was based was only 12 episodes and Christmas special!

Executive producer Greg Daniels announced this on a conference call with reporters. He added that all the questions will be answered. I wasn’t aware that there WERE questions about The Office that needed to be answered, but apparently they exist.

The final season which starts back up on September 20, is already limping towards the finish line as many of the cast members have already exited or have planned their escape. Mindy Kaling aka Kelly Kapoor will have her own show on Fox this season. Rainn Wilson aka Dwight Shrute has left for his on spin-off show based on Shrute Farms. Jim and Pam’s storyline has run its course. There aren’t that many people – or untold stories – left.

I’m glad to see that NBC is letting go and moving on to new things like a new show with Michael J. Fox. Maybe he can play a young Republican being raised by two former hippies…?

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