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SNL Classics: Red Ships of Spain

For so so many tangible reasons and many that are intangible, this is one of my absolute favorite SNL sketches. It has all the necessary components: Will Ferrell, Chris Parnell, Alec Baldwin, and wonderful, terrible songs. But yet, I feel … Continue reading

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Catching Up on Reviews: Magic Mike, To Rome With Love

I see so many movies and watch so much TV, I sometimes find it hard to find the time to scribble aka type my random thoughts about said pieces of pop culture. I am in fact so behind that I … Continue reading

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New Trailer: Rock of Ages

I saw Rock of Ages on Broadway, when it started Constantine from American Idol.  And being a child of the 80’s, I loved it.  It wasn’t deep or particularly emotionally moving, but it had all the music from the glorious … Continue reading

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Weird Al’s 30 Rock Theme (updated with lyrics)

Last night’s 2 30 Rock episodes were pretty good. Not Leap Day Williams good, but ok. However, there was something last night’s second episode had that Leap Day Williams didn’t — the dulcet tones of one Weird Al Yankovic. I … Continue reading

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On Tonight – Frozen Planet

This trailer for Frozen Planet features the voice of the BBC’s nature programs, David Attenborough.  However, starting tonight on the Discovery channel, we in the US will be treated to Alec Baldwin’s dulcet tones.  I think this replacement will work … Continue reading

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