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What Do You Watch? Part I

Clearly, I am someone who loves my television. And I watch a lot of it. A LOT.  So frequently, I am asked “So, what do you watch?” Oddly I always find that a loaded question. There are the shows that … Continue reading

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Alan Cumming is a God

The first time I really remember noticing Alan Cumming was in 1995’s A Circle of Friends, when he played the slimy git trying to get in the sack with Minnie Driver’s Benny.  This was followed the next year by his … Continue reading

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Eddie Izzard: Genius Comic and Grandpa Munster?

The interwebs was a buzz this week with the news that comedian and executive transvestite extraordinaire Eddie Izzard was going to be playing Grandpa Munster in a reboot of the Munsters on NBC. For those of you who need a reminder … Continue reading

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