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Emmy Nominations Tomorrow – What SHOULDN’T Get Nominated

After the Oscars, my second favorite awards show is the Emmys. Considering how much television I watch, that probably isn’t much of a surprise. Rather than talk about what I want to be nominated (apart from Parks and Recreation, Community*, … Continue reading

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Fringe Gets 5th Season. Observers Nod Silently.

As much as everyone talks about Lost changing TV, I think Fringe has been just as instrumental…even if the effects haven’t been as wide-reaching…yet. Fringe created not one, not two, not three, but FOUR universes (for those who are wondering: … Continue reading

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Community Returns Well – Six Seasons and a Movie

After too many months away, Community returned to our TV’s last night.  And surprise surprise…the ratings weren’t awful.  In fact, it was the number 1 show for men 18-34 for the evening! Where were the women…? According to The Wrap: … Continue reading

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What is the most popular show on TV?

Well, it depends who you ask. For almost a decade, the most watched show on TV was Fox’s American Idol. It was, as the phrase goes, a ratings juggernaut.  But that was before the days of DVR’s, hulu, and watching … Continue reading

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