Best of 30 Rock’s Dr. Spaceman

I am refusing the believe that 30 Rock is actually going to be ending this Thursday night.

Without Liz, Jack, Kenneth, Tracy, and the rest of the TGS gang (note: Hazel Whatshername is NOT on this list), I don’t know how I will survive. How else will I learn not to go with a hippie to a second location or that it is possible for one to eat their father pig?

In trying to slowly wean myself from 30 Rock by watching a slew of clips, I came across this great collection of Dr. Leo Spaceman scenes. Chris Parnell will continue to be amazing as Cyril on Archer, but he will always be Dr. Spaceman to me.

Personal favorite, this exchange between Dr. Spaceman and Tracy:

Tracy: Doctor Spaceman, when they check my DNA, will they tell me what diseases I might get, or help me to remember my ATM pin code?
Dr. Leo Spaceman: Absolutely. Science is whatever we want it to be.

That’s Surgeon General Spaceman to you

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