SNL Classics: Cowboy Song Part 2

The Kyle Maclachlan SNL episode from 1990 is really the gift that keeps on giving. I previously posted “All Things Scottish” and now for the sketch that I can’t remember anyone else ever referring to – outside of my own family.

I figured with the preponderance of musical numbers with hosts, it’s nice to see a sketch like this: less tongue in cheek,  a host who sings it straight forward, cast members who don’t fall apart laughing, an appearance by G.E Smith, and some great references to the abattoir.

The line “And then they cut from his sternum to his uvula…” always cracks me up. Every single time.

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2 Responses to SNL Classics: Cowboy Song Part 2

  1. Amanda B. says:

    I had COMPLETELY forgotten about this one!!! Hilarious.

    (catching up on my reader feeds)

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