Weird Al’s 30 Rock Theme (updated with lyrics)

Last night’s 2 30 Rock episodes were pretty good. Not Leap Day Williams good, but ok.

Weird Al in classic Weird Al garb and hair. None of this "no mustache" for me!

However, there was something last night’s second episode had that Leap Day Williams didn’t — the dulcet tones of one Weird Al Yankovic.

I should also preface this clip by saying that I have been a Weird Al fan since he was playing on Dr. Demento in the 80’s.  I even met him once!  When I told him how I’d seen UHF in the theaters, twice, he gave me a big hug.  Yes, yes, you can touch me.

But what you really want to see, is this… Maybe they can use this version every week?
I mean, it does lie and say the rating are, ahem, “awesome”.

**Updated: here are the lyrics, thank you Entertainment Weekly:
“That’s right/The program is over/So now you can talk/Trash about it and vent your rage/On your Twitter and Facebook page/Won’t you/Join us again next week?/At 30 Rockefeller Plaza NYC/Where the ratings are [awesome]/Remarkably somehow/We’re still on the air/We’ll just/Keeping doing this whether/You like it or not./We really do, love our fans, yes, both of you.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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2 Responses to Weird Al’s 30 Rock Theme (updated with lyrics)

  1. Andy T says:

    The edited word was dismal. I saw Al in concert this week and he played the unedited version

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