Best Game of Thrones Interview Ever

For those who saw this past Sunday night’s episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones, you know it opened on what can only be called… a fart joke.

Of course said fart joke was followed by some pretty strong direwolf flavored violence, but still, a humorous way to start a show that doesn’t really make you think of slapstick humor.

The Lannister guard who was farted on (and I cannot believe how many times I’ve had to type that word…) was named Sam Mackay and he participated in a great edition of the Reddit Ask Me Anything under the name uncalled4aggression.

Out of his Lannister armor and out of direwolf's reach

Warming Glow links to the choicest of the questions and answers, all of which I highly recommend perusing.

My favorites from the entire AMA?

Q. Are you afraid of being type-casted as the “fart guy”?

A. To be honest I’m just waiting for a sequel to “Thunderpants” I’m pretty sure there’s heavy demand for it.

Q. Since you were on set and all, what sort of baby gift did you get for Melisandre and that thing that crawled out of her womb? Did all the knights pitch in for a diaper genie or something?

A. 5 therapy sessions and a Pilates DVD

Q. What is Peter Dinklage like?

A. Unfortunately he wasn’t on set when I was there but for the sake of this AMA I’m going to put it out there that I caught him wrestling a bear with his bare hands and let’s just say he now owns a lovely new rug

This dude is funny and really personable. It’s too bad his time on @Game of Thrones has come to such an end. Quick — give him more roles where someone will fart on him!!

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