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Prometheus – A sort of review (with spoilers)

I’ve been struggling with my review of Prometheus ever since I saw it on Saturday. Not because there isn’t a lot to discuss…this is a movie that whether or not you like it, there is a lot to think about … Continue reading

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Joel McHale Takes on Prometheus

When Michael Fassbender’s “David” video came out, it was pretty ingenious and helped to build the massive viral video campaign for Prometheus (opening Friday). What makes robots so robotic… Clearly the answer is a strangely emotive Michael Fassbender playing chess, … Continue reading

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Prometheus – Get to know the ship, Prometheus

June 8 cannot come fast enough. Seriously. Prometheus continues to be the movie I am most wanting to see this summer. Every glimpse into the film makes me want to see it even more. As much as I want to … Continue reading

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New Trailer: Prometheus (version 100)

It’s another day and that means time for another Prometheus trailer. This one shows a lot more than any of the others, so anyone who wants to know nothing about the film before seeing it, you’ve been warned. So Charlize … Continue reading

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Prometheus Featurette – Now with more talking heads!

The marketing campaign for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus is staggeringly smart – fake Ted talks with Guy Pearce’s character Peter Weyland, fake commercials introducing the new android David (aka the always glorious Michael Fassbender)…and constant featurettes. It reminds me of the barrage … Continue reading

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Another Prometheus Viral Video, now starring Michael Fassbender

Ridley Scott’s Prometheus is doing a great job of making us want to see it. The previous video was a fake Ted Talk with Guy Pearce’s Peter Weyland And now one promoting the David synthetic human (according to Bishop). This … Continue reading

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