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Prometheus – A sort of review (with spoilers)

I’ve been struggling with my review of Prometheus ever since I saw it on Saturday. Not because there isn’t a lot to discuss…this is a movie that whether or not you like it, there is a lot to think about … Continue reading

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New Trailer: Prometheus (version 100)

It’s another day and that means time for another Prometheus trailer. This one shows a lot more than any of the others, so anyone who wants to know nothing about the film before seeing it, you’ve been warned. So Charlize … Continue reading

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Another Prometheus Viral Video, now starring Michael Fassbender

Ridley Scott’s Prometheus is doing a great job of making us want to see it. The previous video was a fake Ted Talk with Guy Pearce’s Peter Weyland And now one promoting the David synthetic human (according to Bishop). This … Continue reading

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