Prometheus Featurette – Now with more talking heads!

The marketing campaign for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus is staggeringly smart – fake Ted talks with Guy Pearce’s character Peter Weyland, fake commercials introducing the new android David (aka the always glorious Michael Fassbender)…and constant featurettes.

It reminds me of the barrage of videos and promotional pieces that HBO did before the second season of Game of Thrones aired. And it seems to have worked; GoT is doing quite well in the ratings, even leading this past Sunday night’s cable numbers.

So if that marketing strategy is any indication, this movie should be fairly successful.

Of course some of that success will have to do with the fact that the movie looks amazing. Even the scenes that are clearly waiting to be filled in by computer look good at this point. It’s still unclear what exactly the plot for this movie will be, but clearly some relation to the Alien series.  The music at the start of the featurette actually sounds quite similar to a lot of the music in Aliens. And of course the sets have the feel of the spaceship in Alien.

Of all the big movies coming out this summer, I think the anticipation is greatest for Prometheus. (After the Dark Knight Rises, that is. Because, let’s be honest, nothing is going to be out-anticipated by that film)


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