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The Summer of the Forgettable Blockbuster

Do you know what I just remembered last night? Avengers: The Age of Ultron came out this summer. I had been so excited to see it. Watching all the trailers, reading all the articles.  I went to see it on … Continue reading

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Boston, New York, and Memories of Attacks

This week was the second time I was in a city that was attacked. First New York, now Boston. While the two aren’t the same, I have spent a lot of today sitting in Boston and thinking about New York. New … Continue reading

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What is it with death and AMC shows these days?

And no, I don’t mean the fact that every few days another famous person seems to be shuffling off this mortal coil. Thinking about some of the biggest dramas on TV right now, it strikes me that all of them … Continue reading

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Just how clueless is Mel Gibson?

The answer is: very. In an interview on, Gibson basically says he didn’t do anything wrong: CS: Robert Downey went out of his way to publicly support you as you did him when he was going through personal crises. … Continue reading

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I finally watch Coming to America. A reaction.

Even for someone who has seen movies most of my friends have never even heard of, there are gaps in my movie education. According to my two best friends, the biggest gap is that I had never seen Eddie Murphy’s … Continue reading

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Movies and texting. No. Just No.

A week ago I went to see Cabin in the Woods. Great film. Funny as hell. If not scary, then definitely suspenseful at just the right moments. Unfortunately, quite a few people in the theater didn’t listen to the Lorax who in … Continue reading

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Game of Thrones Returns – And Who is Going to Watch?

(Because it’s never not time to watch this) The countdown has been going on for months. HBO has been feeding the frenzy, releasing teaser after trailer after photo after interview.  The books have been on the best seller list for … Continue reading

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Bully – Some Thoughts About the Controversy

Warning: This post contains adult language and adult conversation A few weeks ago I was sitting at the movies, waiting for whatever was about to start, watching the trailers.  After some trailers that clearly did not make an impact on … Continue reading

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A Hunger Game Cookbook or Clearly Someone Has a Sense of Irony

With only four days to go until The Hunger Games movie comes out, today I read about the release of a Hunger Games cookbook. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised.  Since this movie release is primed to be the … Continue reading

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America’s Next Top Model: Enough, Tyra. Enough.

Tyra, I think it’s time we had a talk. Since 2003, we’ve stuck with you.  You had a great idea, to see if you could search high and low throughout America for the next supermodel.  You made them live in … Continue reading

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