Minimalist Game of Thrones Posters

Vulture is a great resource for random stuff all around the interwebs.

Today’s offering is the link to a Etsy shop for minimalist movie posters.  They do some very cool Star Wars and superhero posters:

As Star Tours would say, "come visit Endor!"

Some great retro Captain America propaganda for you

as well a whole series of Lord of the Rings posters:

Rohan -- you can tell by the horse

Turns out, they also do amazing minimalist posters for the various Game of Thrones locations, clearly influenced by the series’ opening credits:

Winter is coming...

We have come to a dangerous place...

We do not sow...

As high as honor...

No house words for the wall...just ice, wights, and White Walkers.

These are really amazing. I just need to find the wall space.


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3 Responses to Minimalist Game of Thrones Posters

  1. Amanda B. says:

    Yeah, I don’t know WHERE you’ll find enough wall space… 😉

    • ilmozart says:

      Now now…the whole world doesn’t know about my absolute aversion to decorating. Well, now they do.

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