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Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog Coming to TV

I have a hard time believing that at this point anyone who would be interested in Joss Whedon’s brilliant Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog hasn’t seen it. It’s been everywhere – on Hulu, YouTube, Netflix… And Whedon’s fans are pretty … Continue reading

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Young Nathan Fillion or Cpt Hammer Wears Tight Shorts

So yesterday, Nathan Fillion aka Captain Hammer aka Richard Castle aka Mal, tweeted the following: Lucky for us, someone found said photo: This is so dated it kills me – from the jean shorts to the roller blades with the … Continue reading

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What Do You Watch? Part II

Recently, I started a sort of confessional, telling all who care to read it the long list of television shows that I watch with any regularity. Sunday was a doozy.  In fact, the New York Times agrees with me: Right … Continue reading

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Doctor Who Season 7 Trailer

A few things of note: 1. The Doctor is in a stetson again. It’s not fez but it will work. 2. “Anyone who isn’t an American drop your gun now!” 3.  I got a “Cowboys and Aliens” vibe from bits … Continue reading

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Because Nathan Fillion Makes Everything Better

Tim Daly – the same from Wings, Sopranos, and Private Practice – has this great youtube series with his son, Sam called The Daly Show. All so super corny, yes, but it’s definitely worth watching. The father/son dynamic is great … Continue reading

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