Jon Hamm Bowls with the Nerdist, Looks Perfect

Although he started off working alongside Jenny McCarthy on MTV’s Singled Out, Chris Hardwick has done rather well for himself lately.

Hardwick in contemplative pose

The Nerdist logo

His media empire, starting with his The Nerdist podcast, has grown over the past couple of years. Along with a busy stand up schedule, a robust website and a highly amusing twitterfeed @Nerdist, he wrote a book called The Nerdist Way: How to Reach the Next Level (in Real Life),  he has a show that airs on occasion on BBC America, he hosts AMC’s Talking Dead, the post- Walking Dead chat show, and there is a huge podcast industry under the Nerdist heading. If that weren’t enough, recently he started a Nerdist channel on youtube, featuring content from people like Weird Al and Ain’t It Cool News‘ Harry Knowles.  And of course, his own program, celebrity bowling.

See, Hardwick’s dad was a professional bowler, so Hardwick knows a thing or two about throwing that ball…down that lane…and hitting things? I am so clearly NOT a bowler.

Half of Team Nerdist, Jonah and Chris, sharing a super awkward high 5

This week’s episode features the Nerdist team, made up of Chris Hardwick, Jonah Rey (who co-hosts the podcast with Hardwick), Weird Al, and comedian Pete Holmes battling against team Madmen – showrunner Matthew Weiner, Vincent “Pete Campbell” Karthheiser, Rich “Harry Crane” Sommer, and of course, Don Draper himself – Jon Hamm.

Team Madmen, beards and all

I can’t speak to the bowling portion, clearly some of these guys are better than others, but the smack talk here is some damned fine smack talk indeed.  Hamm shows his talent at Play Doh arts and crafts, and reminds us that the old jokes are classics for a reason.  Also, Chris Hardwick’s psyche is seriously messed up if that is that psyches him out.

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