SNL Classics: The Closet Organizer

So while this isn’t really a clip from the vaults of SNL since it aired two years ago, I frequently quote bits from this sketch.

Everything – EVERYTHING – about this sketch is a study of the absurd.

Let’s start with a look at the items that the Zipco Closet Organizer is able to organize: shoes, sweaters, belts, hats, parkas, jeans, underwear, socks, scarves, dockers, water, blankets, lamps, trophies, marbles, phone books additional water, loose peanut butter, pie pie pie pie pie, pillows, tires, important papers, glassware, animal feathers, dirt, and cheese.

It is just such an utterly insane list of items, but yet it doesn’t seem to be completely random. It’s as if someone, somewhere would indeed have all these things in their closet. A mad person, to be sure, but it’s possible.

Then there’s the fact that all the above items are thrown at the Closet Organizer who, let’s face it, doesn’t really organize much of anything. In fact, he even pockets the underwear. Filthy.

And then there’s the testimonial. I don’t know why the testimonial has absolutely nothing  to do with the closet organizer, but man oh man, it sure does make sense in the context of the commercial! This proves once again that Jon Hamm is willing to do and say absolutely anything in the name of comedy. Plus he plays stupid quite well.

To top it all off, you can get your Closet Organizer at….Bergdorf Goodman and the gift shop at the Vatican? Just genius.

But what really makes this sketch one of the more ridiculous that SNL has done is the call back later in the episode. This is something that SNL rarely does, unless it’s a call back a la Macgruber or Deep Thoughts. It grounds the earlier sketch in a reality where Jon Hamm aka Resdin Bonure is from Israel (go Jerusalem Tigers) and there is a real Closet Organizer who is originally from Salt Lake City, Utah.
The moment when the audience realizes where the bit is going is great.

Tarkey Fensington. Who knew.

Oh, part of the original closet organizer I frequently quote? Additional water and pie pie pie pie pie.
How could I not…

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