Ready for Mad Men? Here’s a handy list to get you up to speed

AMC's Mad Men. Back for season 5

Capping off a weekend of watching kids kill each other for the entertainment of the masses – yes, you should be reading into that – the best way to end this March weekend is by watching the 2 hour season premiere of Mad Men season 5.

So will we find out if Don actually went through with it and married Meghan?  What did Joan do about the baby?  Is SCDP still up and running? How will these characters deal with the times that are a’changing? Had Peggy’s hair gotten any better? Is Betty still an ice-cold bitch?  Has anyone really started paying attention to Sally? Will we have a new Bobby this season?

But if you need some refreshers on the world of Mad Men, I suggest…

AMC’s season 5 Primer

Don Draper says “what”….a lot.

Betty’s Guide to Parenting.  She is just like Dr. Spock (from Vulture)

Roger Sterling’s One Liners. Man has a way with a phrase.

Vulture’s speedy refresher course on all 4 seasons of Mad Men

Every woman Don hooked up with in season 4 – dude was busy

Montage of Joan leaving a room. She works with what she’s got.

Hamm always brings the handsome.

The AV Club’s interview with Mr. Draper himself, Jon Hamm

Series of cast photos from season 5 (AMC)

SNL’s great sketch Don Draper’s Guide to Picking Up Women

And finally, and most importantly, how to drink like a Mad Man (Vulture)

Get out your smokes and your scotch. Mad Men is back.

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  1. Amanda B. says:

    Nice and comprehensive 🙂

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