A Hunger Game Cookbook or Clearly Someone Has a Sense of Irony

With only four days to go until The Hunger Games movie comes out, today I read about the release of a Hunger Games cookbook.

Apparently the definition of "hunger" escaped the author

I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised.  Since this movie release is primed to be the biggest thing since Twilight and Harry Potter, they’re slapping everything with The Hunger Games these days.  But a cookbook?

So much of the story at the beginning hinges on food and the hunger driving Katniss.  Without food she and Peeta wouldn’t have that singular moment that started their relationship.  Even the pivotal moment at the end of the book revolves around a food stuff.

But there is just something inherently wrong about a cookbook based on something called The HUNGER Games.  I don’t care how “unofficial” it is.

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