The Walking Dead Season 3 Sneak Peek

While the season 2 finale of The Walking Dead mostly saved the rest of the season, I still can’t get over the Sophia-debacle and the Carl-idiocy.

Suggestion? Don’t open the door

HOWEVER, being the loyal TV viewer that I am, and the quick vision of that kickass samurai wielding mystery figure with the 2 jawless, armless zombies on leashes, I am pretty excited for season 3.

If only they were eating Carl…

I have yet to read the graphic novels, so I’m unspoiled as to what comes next. But judging by everything I’m hearing and the fairly dark ending of last season, there are ominous clouds hanging above everyone.

The cast and crew seem to affirm this portentous new season.

Andrew Lincoln’s real accent is a shocker, even though I remember him from Love, Actually. Norman Reedus is still awesome, and I don’t recall if we saw a glimpse of Lori anywhere in this – perhaps to soothe angry and frustrated fans everywhere?

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