Breaking Bad – The new Mentos Commercial

For those of you who are too young to remember the amazing Mentos commercials from the 90’s…



And probably my favorite…


NO WAY that guy is going to a job interview with what is CLEARLY wet paint stripes on his suit, no matter how minty and fresh-making his candy is. Also, his suit looks like it’s three sizes too big for him. And the painter is a total douchebag – he forgets to put up a “wet paint” sign and just shrugs when he destroys someone else’s suit? What’s that about??

So yes, they are terrible commercials. Terrible terrible, confusing, and vaguely European, commercials for a candy.

Luckily, someone found a way to take this basic concept and elevate it by adding Breaking Bad. Or degrading Breaking Bad by adding Mentos …

Walter “Heisenberg” White has become so full of himself, so egotistical, he fits right in with the Mentos douchebag template.

But this is just the latest comic Breaking Bad video in a slew of comic Breaking Bad videos based on this recent season.

To wit:

Jesse’s excruciating dinner with the Whites from Sunday’s episode (no spoilers here):

It is remarkable how well the Seinfeldian feel works here. Cuz boy oh boy was that an awkward meal. You drink that water Jesse. You drink it good.

Spoiler alert with this one.

Breaking Bad meets Curb Your Enthusiasm in a way that I wish I didn’t find funny. But dammnit, it is.

Laughing at that makes me feel like a terrible person. Sigh.

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