Hulu+ Joins Apple TV. I Hold Back Tears of Joy.

Entertainment Weekly has just reported that Apple TV hold out, Hulu+, will now be available on said Apple TV. Though, really, it was Apple TV that was the hold out…

Sure, I can watch Hulu+ on my computer, but this means I can now watch those random television programs that aren’t on Netflix on an actual television. Especially great with those BBC show that are only on Hulu, like Rev.

Of course anyone with a PS3, XBox360 or a Roku was able to do this before. But as I received a free Apple TV, I wasn’t about to go out an buy one of those.

Much like Netflix, there is an $8/month fee for the opportunity to stream Hulu+ over your television, and not every show that you can watch online can be watched on other devices (mostly due to contractual restrictions with the networks or production companies). But, also like Netflix, this $8/month fee allows you to watch Hulu+ on your smartphone as well as your computer and TV, so it’s pretty freeing.

They even give us a little video to show us how to watch Hulu+ on Apple TV. Just in case you live under a rock.

(Though I love that they highlight Community in this how-to video.)

And of course a video on how to set it all up…

We are getting closer and closer to never needing DVD’s again. What a brave new world.

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