Despicable Me Minions To Get Own Film

Sure, I love animated films, but I’m always wary of anything that looks too cutesy. When I saw the original trailer for Despicable Me I was intrigued but mildly cautious. Of course there was no need for caution as Despicable Me was surprisingly entertaining. In fact I watch it any time it’s on cable, which happens to be pretty frequently.

But as anyone who has seen the movie can attest, the best thing in the movie after Julie Andrews’ almost criminally evil mother, are Gru’s minions. (Steve Carell’s Eastern European accent was also highly amusing, as were two of the three orphans.)

(You know the one who isn’t)

The Wrap reports that not only is Despicable Me getting a sequel, but the minions will actually get their very own movie slated to come out in 2014.

I can’t really guess what movie will be about as we don’t really understand anything these creature say, but gestures and facial expressions do help a lot I suppose.

For a crash course in the minion, see below:

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