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Hulu+ Joins Apple TV. I Hold Back Tears of Joy.

Entertainment Weekly has just reported that Apple TV hold out, Hulu+, will now be available on said Apple TV. Though, really, it was Apple TV that was the hold out… Sure, I can watch Hulu+ on my computer, but this … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Aurora Shooting

Like so many other people who woke up to the horrible news about the shooting in Aurora, CO Friday morning, I have been trying to put my thoughts together. I don’t pretend to have any deep insights here, but want … Continue reading

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What is the most popular show on TV?

Well, it depends who you ask. For almost a decade, the most watched show on TV was Fox’s American Idol. It was, as the phrase goes, a ratings juggernaut.  But that was before the days of DVR’s, hulu, and watching … Continue reading

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