Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog Coming to TV

I have a hard time believing that at this point anyone who would be interested in Joss Whedon’s brilliant Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog hasn’t seen it. It’s been everywhere – on Hulu, YouTube, Netflix… And Whedon’s fans are pretty internet savvy.

But I suppose for those out there who might not know of its existence AND who also watch the CW, Entertainment Weekly has reported that the CW will air DHSAB on Tuesday, October 9 at 9pm.

Yes. Yes it is.

It will be nice to see Neil Patrick Harris (Dr. Horrible), Felicia Day (Penny), and Nathan Fillion (Captain Hammer) together on my television screen, but again a bit anti-climactic as I have not only watched it in full many times on YouTube, but I own the soundtrack AND I saw it in the theater before a midnight showing of Serenity.

Note: There is something awesome about sitting in a huge theater, surrounded by other fans, singing these songs. Oddly comforting.

Bad Horse. He’s bad!

There are rumors of a sequel in the works. Does Cpt. Hammer regain his mojo with the help of some lacy, gently wafting curtains? Will we get some more face time with the infamous Bad Horse?
I can only hope.

IF you haven’t seen it yet and don’t feel like waiting till October, or if you just want to enjoy it all over again…

Part I

Part II

Part III

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