Bob’s Burgers or Fish Rocket Burger

Second episode of the second season of Bob’s Burgers and it’s still awesome.

Before we get into Bob Day Afternoon, Eugene Mirman (Gene) shared this great interview with some of the cast members of the show.  The chemistry I talk about later is clearly evident:

Interestingly like The Belchies, this episode entitled Bob Day Afternoon was also based on a movie.  Bob’s Burgers hasn’t usually been movie-spoof based, but since they are only taking the basics from said movies (Goonies and Dog Day Afternoon) and not a direct satire, it worked for the show. There’s no character who has a boyfriend looking to have a sex change, nor is there anyone inciting the crowds by chanting “Attica! Attica!”

Simpsons, based on recent seasons I’m looking at you for how NOT to do satire.

Once again the show takes a basic premise – Bob is held hostage by an inept bank robber – and makes it sing.

There were just so many amazingly funny moments.  In particular, I’m thinking of the moment when Bob was leaving the restaurant to go deliver burgers to the bank robber across the street.  Linda and the kids clung to him for dear life, each of them shouting over each other. Gene’s yelling “What is sex??” was probably my favorite, followed by Linda telling Bob, “Don’t leave me with these frigging kids.”  A moment like that is possible only because the actors record their lines together and you can truly get a sense of vocal chaos because of that.  The actors’ chemistry is directly translated to the screen.

If Bob doesn't come back, Louise was going to have to write about Gene-dad!

Once Bob was in the bank, he was befriended by the bank robber Mickey played by SNL fave Bill Hader.  Hader’s Mickey was just the right sort of character for Bob’s Burgers – totally and utterly hapless.  At one point Bob is on the phone with the cops who ask him where Mickey is and Bob had to answer “He’s behind the counter playing banker”.

Louise’s desire for total anarchy continues to be a weekly highlight. Unsurprisingly, Louise befriended Mickey, albeit over the phone the cops were using to communicate with him.   Instead of writing her school assigned paper about an important person in her life on Bob, or on Gene-dad, she decides to write her paper about Mickey.  Schaal’s voice work on Louise’s her hysterical declarations of “HE’S MY DADDY!” when the cops tried to take the phone away from her were of special note this week.

I’m enjoying how the world of Bob’s Burgers is getting a little bigger every week. This week we see some of the other people Mickey is holding hostage in the bank including a total and complete douche whose Hummer aka his “sex-u-v” is rightfully keyed by the end of the episode.  The school’s self-certified counselor Mr. Frond was also among the hostages.  He and Bob play well against each other and after Bob tells Frond that he wouldn’t be released if they let the women and children go, Frond’s immediate reply was “I will tuck my junk so fast”.

Even though Bob talks Mickey into giving himself up, he makes a run for it and of course Mickey gets caught – even though he does liberate Tina’s $87 – I mean $200.  The episode ends with Mickey calling the Belchers from prison where we are treated to this exchange:
Bob: How’s prison?
Mickey: Awful.
Tina (in the background): Does anyone there need a pen pal?

I’m finding that comments like Tina’s above are why Bob’s Burgers plays so well upon multiple viewings.  There is always a muttered line or background visual joke that you catch only on second or third viewing.

However, the pinnacle of Bob Day Afternoon was Gene’s imaginary tour of Robot College, something you don’t need a second viewing to catch.

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