Bob’s Burgers, One Day to Season 2

I have been trying to make my case the amazing Bob’s Burgers should be watched by everyone with a sense of humor.  Yesterday, NY Mag’s blog Vulture clearly agrees and does it again with this great chat with the three cast members below:
Kristen Schaal, who plays youngest daughter Louise.

Kristen Schaal

Louise or as her mother calls her "My little lady"

John Roberts who plays Linda, Bob’s wife

John Roberts - Did you think that's what Linda looked like?

Linda, who has always wanted to go on a haunted Jamaican honeymoon

And H. Jon Benjamin, aka Bob himself (and looks beautiful in his makeup in the video):

Did you know Jon Benjamin has a van?

Bob. He likes building models, like the bus from Speed.

I assume everyone will be watching tomorrow at 8:30 pm on Fox.

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