New Trailer: The Dark Knight Rises

I wonder if it was always this way – multiple trailers for a film to hype it up. Didn’t we used to just get a teaser if we were lucky and then one trailer?

Of course with a movie like The Dark Knight Rises, you don’t really need anymore hype.

I like the quieter moments in the trailer, even though you know that in reality they are going to be full of loud booming action sounds – explosions, car crashes, guns, building falling down. All the trademark noises of the Dark Knight movies. Not to be confused with the sounds of the Batman TV show –

Ah, the sound effects of the 60's...

Of course we still know precious little about the plot, though we do know that there is a football field that implodes, Anne Hathaway hates rich people, Tom Hardy is still unintelligible, and Christian Bale needs a lozenge.

One slurs, the other rasps...will we understand any of it?

There’s a lot of expectations riding on this. I hope for Christopher Nolan’s sake it lives up to  all the fans’ hopes and dreams…

But if that awesome flyingmobile at the end of the trailer is any indication, he should be fine.

(also I know everyone and their mother posted this trailer, but what sort of movie fan would I be, were I to be lax and not follow suit?)


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