Tenacious D’s New Song, New Video

Not your typical rock gods.

Gosh The D rocks so hard.

After one kick ass season on HBO named Tenacious D, a platinum selling album named Tenacious D, and one failure of a movie called “The Pick of Destiny” (shoulda stuck with what worked, guys), Tenacious D didn’t put out an album for a while. Jack Black’s movie career took off, a bit, and Kyle Gass got some good bit work and kept playing with his other bands. They toured announced one album, then another, but nothing come of it. But now “The D” are back with a new album, Rize of the Fenix.

Damned straight

With an opening line about the failure of their movie, Jack Black and Kyle Gass manage to reincarnate their rock star alter-egos without pretending that the failure that kept them underground for so long never happened. The title song Rize of the Fenix is a phenomenal mix of typical D musical awesomeness, combined with a newfound insecurity about the future with the failures of the past heavy on their shoulders. What if their new album is a bomb? What if the fans don’t want them anymore and laser off their D tattoos?In typical Tenacious D fashion, they beat those insecurities with sweet guitar riffs and some sweet sweet special effect.

New album of course means new video and The D’s videos are always excellent. Case in point, Wonderboy:

Second case in point, their amazing song Tribute:

Rize of the Fenix gives you that D magic, but with the added touch of the breakdown in effect. We see the green screen crumble, the fans become disillusioned, and the two members of Tenacious D wonder if they should give it all up.  Needless to say, they rock their way back to the top – in the video at least.

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