SNL Classic: All Things Scottish

Who doesn’t love So I Married an Ax Murderer?  It represents some of the best of Mike Myers before he became the sort of person who would do The Love Guru.

One of the best things about Ax Murderer was Myers as Stuart Mackenzie, Myers playing his own father.  A precursor to Myers’ Austin Power years and very Eddie Murphy-esque of him…

Anyway, Stuart Mackenzie himself had his origins in an old SNL sketch, All Things Scottish. This was from an episode hosted by Kyle MacLachlan, during Twin Peaks and pre-Showgirls. He even copies his own joke about all Scottish food being based on a dare.

Did he think I wouldn’t remember? I do. I really really do. And now so will you.

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3 Responses to SNL Classic: All Things Scottish

  1. Amanda B. says:

    He’s kind of terrible about recycling his own jokes. He does that a lot. The walking/canoeing/elevator behind the couch gag? In Axe Murderer AND Wayne’s World. I’m sure he did it on SNL at one point, too.

  2. JoJo says:

    hahaha! Scottish cuisine is based on a dare…

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