Nerdist Bowling, this time with Reggie Watts!

So Reggie Watts might not be as attractive as Jon Hamm or be able to bowl as well as Jon Hamm…but damn, he’s one talented mofo.

Similar to the Mad Men vs Nerdist bowling match, we get the Nerdist team (Chris Hardwick Mike Phirman of Hard and Phirm, Riki Lindhome, and Eli Braden) vs the Musical Comedians (Reggie Watts, Kate Micucci, Bo Burnham, and Nick Thune).

Kate Micucci (of Garfunkle and Oates) was a secret bowling whiz, Chris Hardwick continues to show his bowling dominance, and Bo Burnham didn’t know that you shouldn’t wear loafers to bowl.

Also, there’s a cat keyboard. Meow.

And lucky for us, Watts created a bowling themed musical number after the bowling fervor died down. The man’s pretty awesome.


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