Nerdist All-Star Celebrity Bowling: Doctor Who

This might be even better than the All-Star bowling with Mad Men

Team Nerdist vs Team Doctor Who – with the TARDIS bowling ball

In honor of Doctor Who returning tomorrow night, not only have we been getting the brilliant mini-series Pond Life, but Chris Hardwick and the Nerdist youtube channel gave us a special All-Star Celebrity Bowling episode with the members of the Doctor Who team: showrunner Steven Moffat, Karen “Amy Pond” Gillan, Arthur “Rory Pond” Darvill, and the good Doctor himself, Matt Smith.

They bowled against Team Nerdist comprised of Chloe Dykstra, Alex Albrecht, Wil Wheaton, and Chris Hardwick.

Considering that they don’t really bowl over in the UK, Team Doctor Who did very well. Particularly Karen Gillan did particularly well. She had quite a few strikes and spares. Moffat bowled like a man who, as he himself said, wasn’t very well in tune with his own extremities.

The real surprise however, was Matt Smith. This man made ME feel like a championship bowler…and I recently bowled a 31. He may be the Doctor, but there are some things in time and space that he can’t look cool doing.

He still looks good in fezzes, bow ties and cowboy hats, however.

Fezzes are cool.

Bowties are cool.

Cowboy hats are cool. (River Song disagrees)

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2 Responses to Nerdist All-Star Celebrity Bowling: Doctor Who

  1. cindy says:

    where can i get a tardis bowling ball

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