Joel McHale Takes on Prometheus

When Michael Fassbender’s “David” video came out, it was pretty ingenious and helped to build the massive viral video campaign for Prometheus (opening Friday).

What makes robots so robotic…

Clearly the answer is a strangely emotive Michael Fassbender playing chess, building models, crying, smiling…

But it was also ripe for the mocking. Earnestness on the interwebs always invites parody, usually deserved. Community’s Joel McHale and The Soup have done a remarkable parody – mostly because it also deeply mocks their own product. Can one ever make fun of the Kardashians or Ryan Seacrest too much?

The answer is clearly no.

My favorite part? “I can sniff things”
Yeah, those scenes of David smelling flowers were just way too odd.

In other news – have my ticket for Prometheus Saturday morning. IMAX 3D. Ridley Scott better not disappoint.

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1 Response to Joel McHale Takes on Prometheus

  1. Joey Joe Joe Shabadoo says:

    “Chicken butt!’ Is there anything more inspiring in this age of plight, blight, fight and misplaced might then the American sense of humor? I say NAUGHT.

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