Because Nathan Fillion Makes Everything Better

Sam and Tim, from The Daly Show

Tim Daly – the same from Wings, Sopranos, and Private Practice – has this great youtube series with his son, Sam called The Daly Show.

All so super corny, yes, but it’s definitely worth watching. The father/son dynamic is great and due to Daly pere’s connections, they get some great celebrities to stop by.

Ryan Reynolds is nice and all, but Fillion would have killed as the Green Lantern.

Best one so far is The Daly Show #7, The Daly Superheroes, featuring geek-superstar Nathan Fillion.The less said the plot of this episode, the better.
Note: To understand this, you must know this before viewing- Nathan Fillion and Tim Daly have both done voiceover work for the Justice League cartoons. Fillion as The Green Lantern and Daly as Superman.   

Note the items Fillion takes out of his pocket…Hammer anyone?  I could watch them fly for hours.

Green Lantern and Superman to the rescue!

Also, kudos to Michael Rosenbaum for his cameo (and jockeys).

Today a new episode guest starring Whoopi Goldberg went up, creatively called The Daly Whoopi.  Again, the less said ahead of time, the better.

Episodes are written and directed by Ben Shelton. A little less douche.

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2 Responses to Because Nathan Fillion Makes Everything Better

  1. Laura Frye says:

    Nathan Fillian DOES make everything better, and this video is amazing!

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