On Tonight – Frozen Planet

This trailer for Frozen Planet features the voice of the BBC’s nature programs, David Attenborough.  However, starting tonight on the Discovery channel, we in the US will be treated to Alec Baldwin’s dulcet tones.  I think this replacement will work better than Sigourney Weaver did for the Planet Earth series.

If Frozen Planet is half as remarkable as Planet Earth, we are in for some amazing TV viewing.  It is so easy to forget how utterly beautiful our planet it, how intricately all the various groups of flora and fauna function together.  It is also so easy to forget how seemingly cruel nature can be, though calling it cruel is ascribing our own moral system on a part of the world where morality doesn’t really exist; every death is a meal for another animal, and every near miss is another animal going without.  These sorts of programs serve as powerful reminders of it all.

Maybe the Discovery channel will devote itself more the to science and nature programs and a bit less to the searching for gold, guns, and booze sorts of programming.

This is the famous video of the brinicle, freezing everything it touches on the ocean floor:

I’ve seen a lot of footage of orcas working together for a meal and especially enjoy the way they create the curtain of bubbles when hunting. This is shows the ‘wave wash’, a different method of going after a tasty seal:

All in all very excited for this.

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2 Responses to On Tonight – Frozen Planet

  1. Amanda B. says:

    Dude. You have to come over and watch this on our big ol’ HD tv! That’s what it was made for!!

  2. Cullen says:

    sex for my eyes. sex. for. my. eyes.

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